Restore Your Hair with a Global Keratin Treatment

Woman with long blonde hair

 I’ve been so excited about keratin treatments lately. Every client I give one to ends up thrilled, their hair so much smoother, softer and straighter. If you tend to style your hair by tediously straightening it every day—or if your hair just feels fried and tired—I highly recommend giving Global Keratin treatment a try. It’s a restorative treatment for your hair that ultimately makes it more resilient and healthy.

Keratin treatments infuse keratin—a naturally occurring protein—into the shaft of your hair and then use a heated flat-iron to seal it in. This takes about 90 minutes or so, depending on how long and thick your hair is.

Global Keratin treatments don’t just make your hair straighter and softer, they also:

  • Shorten your daily blow-dry and styling time
  • Impart softness and sheen to your hair
  • Solve frizz!

After getting a Global Keratin treatment, wait 48 hours before washing your hair or getting it wet. When you do wash it, use a shampoo without sodium-sulfate—and ideally with some keratin in it—to encourage the treatment to last for as long as possible. (I can recommend a good shampoo when I see you at eSalon.) You can expect the treatment to last a good few months.

For the month of March, I’ll be offering a 10 percent cash discount on Global Keratin treatments! Contact me so I can get you on my books at eSalon. 


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