To Bangs or Not to Bangs

At some point in every woman’s life, cutting bangs into our haircut seems like a great idea. Sometimes, this happens late at night and involves a rash decision and dull scissors (see: Lena Dunham in the last episode of Girls). This is the worst-case scenario. But with the right cut, most people can pull off some variation of bangs—just check out the new ones Michelle Obama is rocking:

Michelle Obama

Note to self, though: bangs can be very high-maintenance.

Unless you have straight hair, they generally require a blowout, and tend to curl up in the rain or humid conditions. For those with fine hair, bangs also tend to get greasy quicker.  A bangs-only sink shampoo can be a quick-fix for this, or you can try a dry shampoo for in between washings.

Bangs also require trimming more often. A half an inch can make a big difference in your style and in your ability to see past your hair. When you commit to bangs (or “fringe,” as they call them across the pond), know that you’ll need to have them trimmed every 4-6 weeks, depending on the style and your face shape. Shorter “baby” bangs obviously leave more room for growing out, but if you want to maintain a precise look, you’ll need to stay on it. This can mean more trips to the salon. Luckily, most stylists (myself included) offer free bang trims in between haircuts.

If you’re thinking of trying out bangs, I encourage you to override that initial D.I.Y. impulse and make an appointment with me and my sharp professional scissors at eSalon in Cow Hollow.


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